Please note our Studio in Griffith St has CLOSED Down on 5 January 2019.

6am – 1hr Express

Classes can also be booked privately outside these times. We also do special events.

Hot Tropical Yoga – HTY

A dynamic sequence of postures designed for all ages and levels of ability. Practised in a heated room to warm up and tone your body, deepen your practice, improve flexibility and circulation, while also detoxifying your body and mind. Your whole body will benefit and your mind will thank you!

Hippy Hop Hot Yoga - HHH

An energetic vinyasa style class combing hot moves, cool tunes and fun times. This is a yoga class not a dance class but designed to strengthen your core, loosen tight shoulders and tone your booty.

Hippy Hot Yoga - HH

A hip-opening, tummy trimming and thigh toning static hot yoga class. This class will burn the calories, boost stamina, build endurance and increase flexibility. It will challenge you mentally and physically! It’s time to build on your yoga poses and enjoy the variety this class offers, while feeling and seeing the benefits!  All levels welcome!

Hot Props Yoga - HP

Unique to Hot Tropical Yoga, this class is a mix of hot yoga and Iyengar Yoga using blocks and straps. This class is ideal for working with injuries, great for beginners, helps increase flexibility and is a top calorie burner. Hot Props are used in static and flow styles for fun, variety and extra benefits with emphasis on legs, core and arms. You need a block and a strap to participate in this class. We have them available for hire $3/set or you can buy a set at our studio reception.

Silent Hot Yoga - SH

A candlelit class with aromatherapy based on Hot Tropical Yoga’s 60mins class but with a few surprise twists. A beautiful class led silently by breath, clicks and claps where you shadow the teacher’s moves and start the week feeling calm, energised and ready for the week.  Perfect for beginners to advanced. You can work to your own level.

Slow Flow Hot Yoga - SF

A slow warm vinyasa style class ideal for all levels. Ground yourself in yoga basics and build upon alignment and knowledge while benefiting mentally and physically.

Aroma Hot Yoga - A

A special class at Hot Tropical Yoga combing candlelight, aromatherapy, mudras and hot yoga to soothe, calm and destress you on a Friday night and Tuesday mid-morning. It’s not all relaxation though! You will get your energetic fix and super sweat up with a new mix of static poses. Perfect for beginners to advanced and all stress heads.

Power – P

A flowing yoga class emphasising calorie burning, strength, flexibility, core work and arm balances. Practised in a heated room to detoxify and exhilarate your body and mind. Ideal for students looking for more than “just” a yoga class to tone, trim and look terrific!

Tropical Fusion – TF

A fun, fast calorie burning class blending the static postures of Hot Tropical Yoga with the flowing postures of Power Yoga to create the ultimate yoga cardio workout. Ideal for energetic students at all levels.

Doga – D – Advance Bookings Essential

A fun class to bond with your dog and relax them at the same time. Your dog will enjoy sharing yoga postures with you, receiving massages, obeying commands, learning new tricks and making new friends! NON-HEATED. Usually at a location outside the studio combined with a beach walk and doggy meditation! Paws Up!

Women’s Yoga/Hot Mama Yoga/Pre-natal – Advance Bookings Essential

non-heated women’s yoga class which caters for women of all ages. It is a non-heated specialised class designed especially for women of all ages and targets stress, anxiety, menstrual issues, osteoporosis, menopause, pregnancy ( in 2nd & 3rd trimesters – with dr’s ok!), breastfeeding and more. Bookings are essential 0402 717 742 by Wednesday midday.

Mudra Fusion Yoga – M – *Special Event Class

A mudra is a hand gesture that locks and guides energy flow and reflexes to the brain.

A flowing Tropical Fusion class blended with mudras to heal, energise and inspire you through your day. A great workout with a spiritual touch. Ideal for all levels.

Fluid Power Yoga – FP – *Special Event Class

A flowing and freeing approach to Power Yoga which challenges the traditional boundaries of yoga and instead creates, connects and cleanses with a modern fluid twist. Ideal for all levels.