Dec Xmas Timetable

by admin on November 29, 2018

December Holiday Timetable

Starts Mon 3 Dec 2018

Due to everyone’s busy holiday & work schedules, we always have a special reduced timetable for December and another different special timetable for January building back up into our full timetable in February. This is based on previous year’s numbers and is also an enjoyable holiday timetable to keep you sane during the silly season.

6am Silent 60mins

6am Slow Flow 60mins
5.30pm Hippy Hot 60mins

8.00am HTY 60mins
5.30pm Aroma 60mins

6am Hippy Hot 60mins
5.30pm HTY 60mins

6am Tropical Fusion 60mins

8.00am HTY 90mins

Last Class 2018
Saturday 22nd December
8am HTY 90mins

First Class 2019
Wednesday 2nd January
8am Aroma 90mins

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